GitHub Student Developer Pack

How to get a free server and domain as a student

This tutorial will be showing you how to set up a free domain and server using GitHub Student Developer Pack. The domain comes from NameCheap, and the server from Bitnami.  This tutorial will teach you how to set up a server to run WordPress! But you can install whatever you want onto the server. You can skip steps if you have already got a domain, or want to run something else instead of WordPress.

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Ten essential atom packages for web developers

Github’s atom is getting popular very fast. A lot web developers are slowly moving over from sublime text. These Packages should help make your life easier.

Packages can be installed by doing the following:

  • open the + Install panel in the Settings tab then search for a package by name, or
  • install from the command line using apm install <package-name>.

So knowing how to install the packages. Here are my ten essential packages for web developers.

WordPress Core API Support



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The Fray Fixer

The Fray Fix – A MacBook Must Have.

MacBooks are one of the best brands of laptop on the market. However, they come with a massive flaw, in that they are weak and have the liability to fray. So, when I had to buy a new MacBook cable, I knew I had to look for a way to protect it.  For the context of this review; I have not been sponsored by The Fray Fix in any way. I am just an average user looking for a solution.

The Installation

Sadly, I did not photograph any of the installation, but The Fray Fix has a very good tutorial on how to install it (Linked Above). I always recommend watching the video first. When applying The Fray Fix, tweezers might just be your best friend. I did not use tweezers, but after applying mine, I do see the use for them. The things it comes with seem weird at first. But, they are well needed when trying to get the MagSafe 2 head though the rubber. This is where the tweezers would help to pull it through. I did manage, though, to get the The Fray Fix Mini on a lot easier after I already installed The Fray Fix.

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Could User Interface Kill?

Cars will be the next major tech breakthrough. It is just a matter time till we see more companies joining the fight for the best car on the market. But what will this bring to the matter? Well in this post I will be talking about my thoughts on the car industry currently.  Also to note, I do not drive a car. So these are just my thoughts on the subject that I am very interested in. So let’s start…

The market is that big?

As Dr.Drang wrote “It’s common for Apple users to say they wish Apple could take over their car’s user interface because the auto manufacturers do such a bad job of it. This is typically a comment on the electronic user interface, as many cars now have a little computer screen in the center of the dashboard with poorly laid out buttons and displays. I agree and take it further: I wish Apple (or anyone who thinks carefully about design for use) would have a go at the physical controls, too.”


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Why Atom should be your next text editor.

Everyone has heard of sublime text, notepad ++ or even just notepad. But with this post these are my reasons why I switched to atom and why you should.  For context I have been using atom for 3-4 weeks now. On a windows PC and a Mac Book.


Atom is very easy to install and to start using. With great support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The reason it has great support because it is built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.Js Integration But also with the framework called Electron ( Both Atom and Electron are built by github. As well they are open source they have great documentation from how to change a theme (talk about this later) to how to hack it to make your own Packages (spoilers).

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To Bootstrap or not to Bootstrap?

So I used bootstrap for some time, on many of my projects. There’s tons of articles on the internet on the question of if you should you use it or not! But these are my thoughts!

5 reasons to bootstrap

Fast Development.

I started making websites with bootstrap for some time. In that time it has taught me that you can prototype and build a very functional but hardly professional website. You can develop multiple layouts quickly. This is a great way to show a client the functionality of the website. If that’s what you need to do then Bootstrap has you covered?

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What has my first year in the Technology Industry has taught me?

I started working at the University of Lincoln in October last year. The year sure came fast but what have I learnt since starting to work at the university? Well a lot in fact. Now being a student in my second year I have two of everything two; email accounts, two ID cards and two printer codes (one gets free printing, Woo!). Both give you a totally different side of the university. One as a student and one as an employee. You would not believe how much work goes into a university.

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